Usability Assessment and Testing

“I just wanted to let you know that we are getting a very good return rate (25%) on our client response forms. As a comparison, the Washington project, which is similar to ours, had a return rate of 11%. Thanks for you hard work; it seems to have really made a difference.”
Nancy Weir, Consumer Health Consultant

When you are designing Web pages, forms, system help, procedures, client correspondence templates, or medical packaging and instructions, you need to know whether your documents will work for you before you go into expensive production.

CLAD’s job is to keep your users and customers front and centre. A good user experience means customer loyalty, no wasted time and resources, repeat business, and increased safety.

Reading Effectiveness Assessment reports

CLAD has more than 20 years of experience assessing documents for usability and readability. A Reading Effectiveness Assessment report analyzes your target audience, pinpoints your business goals, and shows you how to improve organization, navigation, language, sentence structure, tone, and graphic impact.

CLAD assessments have made a difference for Amex Canada’s intranet, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’s Website, Health Canada’s labelling, and the College of Nurses of Ontario’s correspondence with nurses seeking to register with the College. Be sure to incorporate a Clear Language and Design assessment early in the development of your project.

 Usability testing

The best way to find out if a document is going to achieve its purpose is to test it with people who will be using it. If you recruit a representative sample of end users, CLAD will set up a controlled usability test. We’ll design a protocol for testing the document with users, analyze the problems encountered in actual use, and offer solutions.

Done early, usability testing saves the expense of endless design iterations, improves the safety of products, reduces the rate of error, and drastically cuts down on telephone support to clients and consumers.


Pricing for assessment and testing varies with the material to be assessed and the testing model you choose. Call us for a free estimate at (416) 968-7227 or e-mail