Substantive, Structural & Technical Editing

Technical experts are not necessarily people experts. The professionals who draft your content know your subject matter well – so well that they often find it hard to write for the “naive” reader or user. CLAD’s editing role is to keep that user front and centre in any document.

Highly skilled clear language editing means switching the point of view from the subject matter expert to the end user. It can mean deep, structural changes to make the logic flow. CLAD editing introduces substantive, consistent improvements to language, sentence structure, and tone – while carefully preserving the complexity and nuance of your message.

Working with a clear language editor

Contact CLAD when you are planning your project. We’ll interview you about the purpose of your document and the results you want to achieve with its publication. We’ll also help you to analyze the reading needs and abilities of your audience.

Plan for a clear language edit early in the drafting stage of your project. This will help you to set the style and tone that can best achieve your goals, and it will save you endless hours of revision.

CLAD’s editorial rates are based on the size and complexity of the document. Call us for a free estimate of your project at (416) 968-2236 or e-mail